Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a tired puppy is a good puppy

we are currently on the third week of training Pancake and he is doing much better than week one
the best is after playtime or a short walk
sometimes he will sleep like a baby in my arms

the vet cautioned us to keep him indoors more and to be careful where we walk him
strangers poop= danger for little pups

after owning a few poodles in the past i remembered how fragile their joints are
one time with my poodle Bon Bon he was climbing the stairs and his right arm popped out of his socket
it was terrifying! 
nana and i had to massage it back into place followed by a visit to the vet- not a good experience for anyone

we are exercising lots of caution around him
his joints are so mini!
and not to mention he is still "nippy"
why do dogs think hands, toes and ankles are chew toys?!

 the sweater kills me
so cute right?

 gasp! so cute!

 he learned how to climb the stairs last week
now there is a baby gate blocking the way

he loves empty simply lemonade bottles
*i always supervise him when he is not playing with real chew toys of course*

and ry's shoes

baby updates:
we could deliver at anytime i think...
exciting, scary and happy all at the same time!

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  1. Aww, that puppy is adorable!! I wish I could cuddle with it in my lap. I have cats who do that though... But still! :P


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