Thursday, May 10, 2012

life as of late

^ watching sweet little miss drift off to sleep

^ wanting to buy some similar cute pink glasses for little miss (isn't this little girl so adorable?)

planning dreaming of redoing the kitchen and vamping up the dining room 

^ waiting to check out season 2 of downton abbey from the library- im number 46 in line...ooh boy...

^ vying for a bright maxi skirt- so summery, easy and fun

^ ry has been gardening as much as he can but recently he picked up a bug from work (sore throat & cold) and we are living "together and apart." (mostly apart)

^ seriously stinks with a newborn- im terrified she (or anyone else in the house) will get sick- any advice? 


  1. I've actually been told that babies have AMAZING immune systems up to about a year, and even then they get over it way faster than adults. I'm constantly jealous of Lily. Anyway, point being don't stress too much - and use lots of hand sanitizer ;)

    1. good to know- thank you- its so easy to freak out over germs!

  2. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! She really is so adorable. I feel ya on the sickness thing. Right when we had baby number two and brought him home, Benson got really sick. We quarantined Benson and Mike downstairs and I stayed upstairs in my room all day with Finn. Not fun! I hope he gets over it soon so you can just be together.

    1. thanks camille! your boys names are so cute by the way!


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