Friday, May 4, 2012

don't plan

i would say that most of the time i am a planner. spontaneous? nope- not really me. so when it came closer and closer to my due date i really started getting scared. scared for pain, scared for not knowing when she would come and just scared at the huge change that would soon take place. 

a week past my due date i started wondering...hey what's going on? she is supposed to be here already! so i ended up being induced in the early (early!) morning with a plan in my head that labor would take about 12-15 hours. boy was i in for a surprise. 

my family and i stayed up late the night before watching war horse- not a good idea the night before getting induced (in my defense i wasn't sure if i would be induced! there were a lot of women giving birth-something to do with the full moon?)
here we are early at the birthing center

my labor and delivery nurse P was SUPER awesome- so sweet and understanding
she held my hand when the doctor broke my water (im a baby i know)

so peaceful
totally thought i would get a 10 hour nap in before push time and still have an hour or so to arrange my hair and do my makeup. HA! 

i got about 5ish hours 
no time to do anything but kind of panic
even with the epidural i was still nervous but the epidural was actually quite wonderful and very much worth it
that did go according to plan!

P kept checking how far i was progressing and before we knew it i was at a 10!
 came way faster than i thought

what ended up happening was about 7 hours and 6 minutes of labor and 18 pushes to get baby girl out!

my sweet babycakes

going to skip the story about her stay in the NICU and not post pictures of that time
truthfully i wish i could forget it- not fun!

lesson learned? plan but don't really plan when it comes to birth
in the end we are just grateful baby girl is home and doing well with us now


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