Monday, June 25, 2012

ruffle Christmas tree skirt

dramatic mint cape with 3 rows of ruffles
chic eh?

a few more rows


its my Christmas tree skirt
i know i know
you were excited that it was a cape for Halloween but no
its Christmas in June! 
couldn't wait till July

i have seen some projects that use glue but I wanted the skirt to be stronger so i sewed the individual ruffles and sewed them to a base instead

it definitely took awhile
(glad the grandparents were in town to watch colette so i could sew like a crazy woman)

hopefully the skirt will last for many Christmases to come

for now it drapes my armoire in my bedroom
shabby chic pretty
colette loves staring at it when we walk by

to keep it from looking to "precious" i decided to avoid finishing the hems of each layer leaving it to fray a bit. it adds a vintag-y quality and makes it not too sweet looking

the best part is the fabric was $2 a yard and i used about 5.25 yards
$10.50ish total

not bad for a custom tree skirt!


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