Saturday, September 8, 2012

california lately

California Love
beautiful print by poppy&pinecone

for the past few weeks colette and i have been soaking up the warmth and sunshine in southern california. so much fun! looking forward to spending my birthday here and crossing off my cali to-do list. (im sewing over a dozen drapes for my mom's house!)

here are a few things we have been up to:

eating too much ice cream at sweet rose creamery
   my friend's boyfriend is now managing the place. she is so lucky. the mint chocolate chip is amazing. the ice cream is not a bit cloying and leaves a happy clean aftertaste. you should totally try it if you pass by the brentwood area. ry wanted to keep tasting mine (mint chocolate chip) but i kept turning around in my chair so i could have more. #badwife

walking around south coast plaza
   my favorite indoor mall ever. you can spend way too much time (and $) there if you are not careful. i basically went around to all the window displays and drooled. the jewelry stores just hurt.


attending a party for colette
   so pretty, pink, and fun. thank you to the women who watched me grow up!

blending in with the Asian peeps at diamond jamboree 
   capital seafood restaurant is my new favorite (their pineapple fried rice is so good) and the sticki pix store was so nostalgic- looking forward to framing me and chany's portraits in my home.

Sourdough Waffle BLTS as seen in San Francisco, California on Wednesday, May 30, 2012. Food styled by Stephanie Kirkland. Photo: Craig Lee, Special To The Chronicle / SF
via google images

making waffle blt's
   so yum. wishing that i owned a waffle iron now! 

scheming up colette's first halloween costume
   im just hoping that she will wear it for the next 3 halloweens. something easy peasy and comfortable. 

painting my nails
    just purchased revlon's posh nail polish and can't wait to try it out.

planning my birthday
   black out cake by cheesecake factory anyone? yes please :) its my hands-down favorite. 

enjoy these last days of summer! ill be back with a pic of colette at 5 months- the time just keeps flying by...

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