Monday, October 8, 2012

over a month in california

hanging out with ama

colette among the bright flowers in my childhood bedroom 

01. spent lots of time with angkong, ama, lola, and the puppies lulu + pancake
02. turned 5 months old
03. teething (two cute little teeth coming in)
04. sewing curtain after curtain
05. shopping for furniture and beyond
06. made nutella gooey bars
07. ate far too much
08. watched hgtv, food network, and once upon a time
09. skyped with daddy
10. went through old treasures (mom's old versace pants that fit me- yippee!)
11. rethinking the living room- can't wait to "finish" it up
12. making fun family plans for when we get back home
13. tried two new drugstore foundations (looking forward to sharing)
14. had some quilt envy and wanted to start a new one but decided to finish my other bazillion projects first
15. got new flats gifted from mom (thanks mom!) comfy comfy comfy 
16. purchased a jumperoo for colette and can't wait to see how she interacts with it
17. excited for halloween, not too excited for the cold though
18. made cards 
19. stayed up super late & slept in
20. drooling over new color/paint/fabric combos for rooms in the house
21. pretended to host a cooking show in my mom's new glam kitchen. subzero fridge people. its beautiful. 

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