Wednesday, November 7, 2012

colette's evolving nursery

recently this is how i have put together colette's dresser
the hello kitty humidifier is so fun
i love to change this part of her room the most
im thinking of putting some other animals on the shelf- another giraffe i think!

shelf: thrift store
pink booties: handmade by aunt mary
green bunny: gift from aunt nicole
red vintage hello kitty clock: mine from my nursery when i was a baby
green math flashcards: thrift store
kiwi sketch: gift from uncle nico
lamp: ikea
hello kitty humidifier: crane humidifiers
sophie the giraffe: gift from amie
pink tutu: gift from natasha

we love this quilt and im trying to figure out how to hang it up on the wall as artwork...

a really sweet baby shower decoration that my friend gave to me
i didn't like storing it away in a closet so i decided to hang it from the curtain rod
love it

1 comment:

  1. I have a quilt that I love that has been in Izzy's room for the past 10 years...I staple it up. Works!


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