Friday, February 8, 2013

red lips for Chinese New Year & other instagrams/pics

my mom's iPhone (like i could afford one, please girl) & my favorite red lipstick for now
the description: intense brownish blue-red, matte formula
buy it friends, buy it so hard

we call baby colette our little tomato since her hair looks like the leaves on a tomato plant
this onesie just made sense for her to sport during the spring/summer time
hoping that planting season will be here soon

today there was a snowglobe blizzard
i hated it
so much for planting season happening tomorrow 

wrote out my resolutions and put em on my vanity
Chinese New Year is a great time to re-evaluate whatever i wrote in december 

things ive learned so far:
01. its hard to be super kind. i wish i wasn't so darn feisty. working on it.
02. writing more letters is also tough- the only thing i handwrite each month is my mortgage check.
03. spend less, save more- who doesn't enjoy shopping? wait i know! - how did we become friends again? KIDDING! without those friends i would be even more shopaholic than i am now (thank you!) nice things are just nice, but im learning to live without. 

switched out the holiday deep red covers and pillows back to the usual dusty and rumpled light blue.
 it makes the room feel a bit colder but i just love the way it looks. 

ry and i just finished watching Sherlock - a friends recommendation 
now i have a crush on benedict cumberbatch 
guess ive got a thing for white guys with high cheekbones (ry!)
i just wish his name wasn't so darn long (and serious! but then i do love serious men)
now im forcing getting my sister dear to watch it
she's hooked now
big sis: 1 little sis: 0 

year of the snake! this weekend im planning on cleaning out the house and opening the doors and windows (briefly of course- its too cold) and kicking out the "bad luck" in the house.
 its a silly thing but im looking forward to it anyway. 
and of course wearing red lipstick all weekend :) 

have a good one! 

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  1. I love that show as well! I have to say that I'm more of a fan of season one than two, but still very good. Have you compared it to the new show elementary? I think that is good as well, in a different way though.


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