Wednesday, March 6, 2013

$1 face-lift for ikea billy bookcase

i love the ikea billy bookcase. sure its modern-ish (my home is not very modern!) but it's affordable and works well in small spaces. a while ago, i started to get bored with the way the billy looked in my formal living room so i decided to change it up with:

some cute giftwrap in the dollar section from target
i only used one roll! 

stole this idea from pam. love her blog!



then with the accessories layered in:

what's on each shelf?

family photo, vintage silver candle pot, tarnished julep cup

blue & white vintage vase from my mom, photo of sis & me, pink flower candle holder from alice lane

stacked woven baskets
blue glass jars and potterybarn calligraphy brush

old books and family photo
colette's toy bin

not too bad for $1 right?
im happy with the way it turned out- and so is my wallet

ps: click here for a funny read

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