Sunday, July 7, 2013

how i will miss you orem

our old Victorian home 
she's missing an eyelash (shutter) but she's still pretty 

+ the community feel
+ oh the fireworks! how the fourth of july and summerfest have become my favorite summer days
+ how i can hear the clock in the center of town ring every hour in the daytime
+ the library. it's. the. best. (seriously)
+ terra mia (quattro formagi)
+ the scera theatre (i always feel that the theater opened only for me and no one else)
+ pioneer day (the folks get crazy in a good way)
+ the friendly people
+ of course my little Victorian home (you win the cute old house award)
+ the yard (we could never get that in California!)
+ being close to 2 malls (yup, that's important to me)
+ being real close to Target (also important and so dangerous at the same time)
+ walking distance to church
+ my friends
+ how close we were to the mountains (sure im not a mountain girl but this one's for ry)
+ actually make that- how we were close to everything. we are now spoiled.
+ the memories

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