Sunday, November 17, 2013

oh october and hello (mid) november

someone's a little obsessed with bubble guppies

October was fun! we have loved not having "weather" over here in cali (sometimes i do miss an actual fall though). poor baby coco caught a cold/cough/ear infection from a little 3 month old- i thought age trumps the whole getting sick thing- guess not- dum dum me. so the past week was thrown off and she is finally kind of getting back to her normal schedule. 

October was filled with:
- costume making- (for future years)
- candy- (Peanut M&M's)
- McConnels Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream- (new weakness)
- less trick-or treaters- (so weird and sad)
- attacking sewing projects (i think my list will never end)
- trying new things (embroidery)
- skyping (missing the hubs)
- bub, bub, bubble, bub, bubble guppies!
- Christmas shopping (my list is almost done- fist pump!)
- visiting California friends (so strange to see us "grownup")
- not supporting SeaWorld anymore (those documentaries just slay me)
- caramel apples with chocolate and walnuts

November so far:
- helping coco get better
- coloring (more like coco scribbling random places)
- ordering super dark cocoa powder to make oreos from my chef crush Thomas Keller
-  sewing, sewing, and more sewing
- Thanksgiving menu planning
- picky eating (oh what happened to my adventurous eater?)
- Christmas list wishing



  1. lol. bubble guppies. Lily watches that when she's over at the in-laws, and the first time I heard her say "bubble guppies" I almost died laughing - it sounds hilarious coming from a four year old. :) Miss you guys!!

  2. mmm peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.


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