Monday, July 19, 2010

Totally Toile

Toile is perhaps my favorite fabric ever. According to, toile is defined as a design featuring a white or off-white background with a repeated, frequently pastoral-themed pattern in a single color—usually black, blue or dark red. I am not a country girl at all, but I do appreciate the look of country- surprising since I grew up in Orange County,CA where the country style of design isn't exactly embraced as well as in other states (ahem-utah & idaho).  Toile is mostly associated with the French Country style- another favorite which I am planing on incorporating (along with shabby chic) to whatever home Ry and I buy in the future. But back to the main topic- the toile curtains.

I got the fabric for a steal at $3 a yard-making my total $14- the last half yard was free since I bought the whole bolt. I originally wanted puddling on the floor, but with only a limited amount of fabric I decided to add more focus on the top. The top has a 4'' flange that gives it a relaxed ruffled appearance thanks to the tighter pole casing. I opted out of lining these curtains since I was on a pretty tight budget for the room. Also, I don't know if I will be able to use these curtains again wherever we move to next. As for now, I will enjoy them where we are :)

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