Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a happy mistake

i was well on my way with finishing a cake for a friend when it came to transferring the cake to a nice plate
in a word.

i was quite emotional that morning and almost started to cry for no good reason at all

it was just a box cake
simply frosted with store-bought frosting

but then i remembered these

i quickly put all the messed up cake into a bowl and started to form balls onto paper plates

froze them for a little while

*a few hours later*

a little paper crafting, a little white chocolate, some halloween sprinkles

a festive box

what's inside i wonder?

cuteness lined with parchment paper

warning: not for the sugar-phobe

don't you love it when mistakes end up becoming beautiful?


  1. ohhh you are AMAZING! i would have never thought of making cake balls out of crumbled cake. i think i would've just sat on the kitchen floor crying.

  2. Dear girl-
    What a perfect thing to turn it from a mistake to a beautiful disaster! You have inspired me... I see cake-pops at our house in the near future. I'm so glad I found your blog! Hope things are good for you... we should stay in touch. And one question- Where did you get that adorable box?

  3. thank you ladies!
    @ Ailinh i was close to falling to the floor crying :)
    @ Margo I made the box myself using a scoring board and a bone folder

  4. Beautiful, Chloe! I love them and I love those boxes!

  5. holy crap chloe this is AMAZING! I love love LOVE the "enjoy" on the bottom of the box! so fantastic!


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