Tuesday, November 30, 2010

chicken broth

making homemade chicken broth is so therapeutic
and a bit tedious at the same time 

therapeutic and tedious
not synonyms 

but here's what i mean

the chicken broth makes your whole home smell oh-so-good
it tastes divine
it makes all your other recipes that need chicken broth taste even better
it makes you feel accomplished

you got to watch all the fat rise and spoon it out
if you want a perfect clear broth your must strain it through cheesecloth
yes, cheesecloth
but its optional 
when im lazy i just spoon the fat off of the top
but when i feel like impressing ryan
i strain it through cheesecloth
yes, cheesecloth

i divide the cb into many individual ziplock bags
it can get messy quick
and some people might think you are crazy 

but is it worth it?

oh yeah 

here is the recipe i use

1 comment:

  1. feed me! please??? hahahah It might be good for my poor nose!


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