Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmastime: trees

Budget Trees

here is a tree decorated with gingerbread cookies
how wonderful would that smell? 

a mini stocking tree
a fun twist on the advent calendar 

an origami tree
paper crane and fan ornaments
so cute

see my twig tree here
that is ultra budget friendly

Fancy Trees

an Asian style tree
how glamourous! 
this would be beautiful in the foyer or hallway 

a seaside themed tree
reminds me of my old Hawaii home
so pretty

but in the end i do prefer a traditional tree
one with a mix of handmade ornaments
passed down through the years
and a martha-esque theme tying it all together

my mom has velvet ball ornaments and wired silk ribbon in bright colors as her "unifying theme"
while all of our childhood, handmade ornaments are sprinkled all around
from the gingerbread-glue ornaments that smell oh-so-good
to the crazy glitter and stick star ornaments that cause a shimmery mess
and a random big bird ornament

he's cute though 
mom seems to think so too

what tree decorations/ornaments do you love? 

tree pics via


  1. Cute trees! I wish I could decorate one instead of doing my paper :P

  2. ohh I love christmas tree themes. i haven't done anything too unique, but i did do a gingerbread theme one year. you bet our house smelt yum.


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