Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmastime: twig tree

wanted to show you the twig tree 
thank you M for the branches/twigs
they make a lovely arrangement

cute little strings of frosted pastel lights
and larger frosted peppermint drops

there are clear marbles inside the base to keep it from being too wobbly

the base is wrapped in a cute pastel reindeer paper

so glad that i painted the twigs white 
(i was getting a little paint-shy)
the white makes the branches stand out better against the tan wall paint

hope you got a little more holiday inspiration today 


  1. Very modern and simple! I love how it's not just a classic Christmas decoration. It is too adorable.

  2. this is a BRILLIANT idea! And guess what? I still have like a million twigs in the backyard! Love the idea of painting them white! ... of course I'm a fan of anything being painted white :) very cute peppermint ornaments!


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