Thursday, January 20, 2011

nigella says: chocolate raspberry pavlova

"sometimes i want to go the holy way of the noodle or steam veg and seared fish, other times only chocolate will do and in this mood i have to have my chocolate pavlova."

 a couple of nights ago
i had the case of the munchies
sugar munchies
to be exact 

so i facebooked my friend N 
to let her know what horrible of a deed i was about to do
and like a true friend
she said
  its okay- let me know how it tastes
so here i am to tell her and you how it was

a bit too much on the sugary side
but still divine
if you like marshmallows
you will love this

nigella asks for 1.5 cups of sugar in her recipe
next time i will take it down to 1/2 of a cup

when it was still warm from the oven 
i added whipping cream
the river of cream meandering its way into the warm crevices of the earth-like pavlova
when you bite into it 
its like a crispy crunch 
then slowly melts down to a soft spongy texture

oh so good 
i didn't add raspberries
but i wish i did 

this is nigella's pavlova

image and recipe via

and here is mine
i love the crackled exterior 
so rough and delicate at the same time

the inside marshmallow texture is my favorite 
chocolate chips bursting with warm gooey-ness

here is the goddess making it

1 comment:

  1. oh i looove pavlova! girl, you always make my cravings sky rocket!


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