Thursday, January 20, 2011

wishlist: tea time

i love love love herbal tea
my mom used to serve it to me when i was little
but i never really liked it
i just liked the fine china she used (Royal Albert Country Roses) and of course the time we spent together

but my tastes have definitely changed over the years
and now i love tea 
my favorite flavors are from Celestial Seasonings

Gingerbread Spice
Raspberry Zinger
Mint Medley

and im about to try Bengal Spice 
we will see how that goes 

ry and i used to have a silver tea kettle that worked
but it wasn't very cute and grease stuck to it like crazy
so the kettle ended up in the trash bin

i am on the hunt for a new kettle and hope to get one sometime soon
any cute suggestions?

here are some happy things i found along my internet hunt 

how adorable are these? i first saw them featured in martha stewart living and i just had to do more research on them- now i want them

at only $4 a pop its the quickest prettiest easiest way to hide (or not hide) the kitchen spices 

the kettle i have been eyeing 
what do you think? 

super cute and useful if you have a traditional teapot 
maybe ill just get one for mum 
and its a feel good purchase
i enjoy supporting etsy sellers

maybe not for tea
but perfect for a cute baby to hold while you are drinking tea?
i think yes

another non-necessary item 
but its just too pretty to leave out 
you could use this to hold your biscuits or macaroons to eat with your tea

now this is a lovely thing 
and its nicely personalized
one for tea
one for honey

1 comment:

  1. I'm liking the tea kettle... Just because its my name! :D


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