Wednesday, January 26, 2011

puppy love for vanille abricot

a perfume given to me from my first boyfriend
many valentines days' ago 
why do i have it still?
not for sentimental reasons of course
i just sprayed the last spray today

it smells so good
well- what i could smell of it at least- this stuffy nose is annoying
and it was my first fancy fragrance 
i would only use it on special occasions 
and now i can't find it anywhere
sad sad day 

don't you hate it when your favorite whatever becomes discontinued?
i find it quite frustrating 


  1. Yes! It makes me so frustrated some businesses just decides to stop selling a super amazing product... like the drink Orbit. Remember that? Or Fruitopia...

  2. You are me hero. You made yummy looking stuff! And It think that perfume is somewhere back home?


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