Saturday, February 5, 2011

i love nice closets

let's be honest here
i enjoy my little dose of fashion
but im not really that fashionable
i would rather be in sweatpants 
albeit colorful and cute sweatpants
most days of the week

but on sunday i really enjoy looking nice
and date night of course
even then i get tempted to just sport the nicer sweats

i do have too many clothes
but i love it
no really i do
sure its a little clutterful
but one day i will get a better closet
oh i cant wait
it will be beautiful 
california closets anyone?

id rather have a nice closet than a nice bedroom
yes im serious
well not too serious
let me simmer on that a tad longer

here is some inspiration that i wanted to share

kevin sharkey's closet
so streamlined and clean
via california closets 

cute for the budding little fashionista

i adore this cream-themed one

 mariah mariah
you totally understand me
love your voice and love your glamorous closet
and all those shoes

so calming
i could sleep here

and possibly more affordable

my mind hasn't changed yet
nice closet > nice bedroom
maybe you can convince me otherwise

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