Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the search for delicious & breakfast

the search for delicious a book ry and i read together last year
a story about a young boy named gaylen on his search for what delicious really means
it involves a mermaid, a funny queen, and beautiful words sewed together 
this book is the inspiration of my new blogging subject

let me tell you what my quest is
the search for delicious breakfast
i really dislike cooking breakfast
to me there are only a couple things i can make:
1. omelet
2. pancakes & waffles
3. bacon & eggs
4. cereal (does that one count?)
5. cream of wheat 

okay this is seriously an embarrassing list 
there are like 3 food groups there:
carbs, protein, and fat
are those even food groups?

my point is my new goal is to find new things to serve for breakfast 
one that i love to make recently?
butternut squash soup
strange i know, but its easy to eat in the morning
and wonderfully comforting

wish me luck on this

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