Tuesday, March 22, 2011

charming house: refinishing hardwood floors

now this was quite the adventure
refinishing the hardwood floors
a very good learning experience
but i am exhausted!
thank you to all our friends who were willing to come and help

the before: hard to see but there were TONS of nicks and dings all over the place
not to mention the wood had been discolored by all the sunlight

before: you can see lots of the scratches with the sunlight pooling in

we rented a sander from home depot
sanding was the worst of the whole project 
we started at a 60- wished we started out with a tougher grit! 
it would have been less work if we did that 

sanded- nice pale wood 
thank you to friends who also breathed in sawdust to help with the tedious sanding 

ry pushing the sander around 

sanding up under the cabinets was the toughest/most annoying part 

our friends B & LA helped lay down the first coat 
we opted out of staining the wood floor since we really liked the lighter colored wood 
the only paint/sealant we used was a topcoat with lots of UV protection 

2 coats later with 24 hour drying time in between each coat 
and more sanding with a fine grit in between each coat as well

hard to tell the difference in pictures i know
but in person it looks so much better!
super glossy

ry was happy with the result
i guess inhaling all the sawdust was worth it 


  1. gorgeous chloe!!! I love how it brought out all the different shades of the wood! wonderful job, can't wait to see the rest of your house!

  2. That looks great Chloe! Looking forward to seeing what other amazing things you do with your cute house :)

  3. Wow that sounds like so much work! But you did an awesome job! It looks beautiful!

  4. Nice job! All that hard work is paying off!

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