Saturday, March 19, 2011

wedding memories

ry proposed to me on march 7th a few years back
it was a cold and gloomy day
he proposed in the greenhouse at byu-i
romantic + perfect 
even with those gray clouds 
here's to almost 3 years :) 

i wanted to post this earlier but all the packing/moving/cleaning has just taken up lots of my time
we moved into our first home today!
so exciting- we are like 98.5% there 

this post is a little late but still full of meaning and love for me
hope you enjoy these photos 

the cupcakes by french's bakery
seriously yummy
and i love the pink roses!
they beat sprinkles cupcakes when it came to catering the wedding
if you are ever in costa mesa, california you must go!

stepping out as husband and wife for forever 

that temple is so special to me 

my fave photo of the bunch 

green orchids
one of my faves

he makes me laugh 

that veil made everything look better
choosing a Spanish-style veil was a little homage to my heritage 
and i still have the pearl carrier around my bouquet
if i have a daughter i hope to give it to her for the traditional "something old" on her wedding day  

my wedding colors in bolts of fabric used for the centerpieces 

all photos by brandon kidd
an amazing photographer
he captured our day beautifully 


  1. Your wedding pictures are gorgeous! They make me happy :) You are beautiful Chloe!

  2. love these photos. I'm all about reminiscing about wedding days :) and I loooove that temple, it's gorgeous!


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