Wednesday, March 9, 2011

checkered shirts

i could not pass up the opportunity to be matchy-matchy with my husband
he said he thinks its cute
as long as we are not too identical
here we are in our blue and white checkered shirts
so fun for spring and summer

i remember looking at old photos of me and my mom
in one photo we were at Disneyland and we had matching outfits
it was pretty adorable for the eighties actually
oversized white sweatshirt with thinly-striped back and white leggings
along with black flats for both of us
to finish off the look my mom had a glossy designer handbag and big glasses
and i had a black grosgrain bow
appropriate and trendy without being too saccharine

now i plan outfits for what me and my children will wear
kinda scary i know
but i cant help myself
by the way i am not pregnant at the moment
please put those thoughts in a drawer and close it gently
keep them for later
i enjoy talking about me & ry's future family
but it can easily be turned into the
"are you pregnant?!" conversation so very quickly
now back to the dressing

girls are easy to match up with but
even if my first were to be a boy i would hope we could still coordinate
my plaids with his plaids
my white shirt to his white shirt
how cute would that be?
pretty cute to me.


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