Monday, March 7, 2011

wedding cakes and good news

ry's brother is getting married soon!
we could not be more excited for the cute couple
since the bride knows that i am obsessed with weddings 
(i hinted loudly)
she let me put together some inspiration boards for her
here are some beautiful cakes that are so dreamy 

meringue mushroom vanilla cake
aren't those meringue mushrooms adorable?
so fairytale-woodlandish 

coconut swirl cake
a cake that i would not have guilt over
its pretty but not too pretty to eat
very shabby chic

the Megeve Chocolate cake
fancy-pants prettiness 
named after a ski resort in France

Charlotte fruit wedding cake
so summery and different
a refreshing change from the typical cake and/or cupcakes
and the colors are just so beautiful 

the songbird cake
very natural and simple
rustic and elegant at the same time 

now onto the other good news:
ry and i purchased our first home!
we are so excited about it
its a quaint and charming victorian-esque house
very much a fit for the shabby chic style
i know shabby chic is so overdone these days
but i am still not over it
i love that style 

the house is
not too big and not too small
just right for us 
with a cute backyard with gardening plots
and lots of mature trees to give shade come summertime
pictures to come

so excited to move in
now ry needs to just get better from food poisoning :( 

1 comment:

  1. These cakes look amazing! I love weddings - especially ours!


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