Tuesday, April 12, 2011

jewelmint review: a jewelry lover's dream

normally, i am completely anti-whatever of the month club schemes that i get sent to my inbox, but this one appealed to me.
a collaboration between kate bosworth and cher coulter (celebrity stylist)

most of my friends know that i am addicted to jewelry of all kinds- costume, fancy, real, cheap, stylish, wear only once, gaudy, vintage, heirloom, you name it, i probably love it. which is why this intrigued me from day one. i got wind of jewelmint simply from browsing the internet last fall for new jewelry.

steps of jewelmint:

01. you take a fun style quiz that helps jewelmint assess your sense of style
02. you give your name and email address (NO need for credit card info here)
03. go to your showroom and take a look at all the pieces that represent your style (you also have the options to see more styles when you click the 'show me more' button)

for months i just looked through all the pieces and twiddled my thumbs and wondered if i should even hit the  'buy it now button,' but one piece really kept calling me back

the celestial wreath necklace
beautiful and something different

so what did i do? i bought it with my fifty percent off code and boom i have been hooked since. 

here is why i love jewelmint so much though- you have control. you can choose to skip whatever month you want and you will not get charged. however, you must click the 'skip this month' button before the 5th of each month in order to not get charged. you give your credit card info when you make your first purchase. not anytime before that. 

another good thing- their customer service- so even if a problem were to arise where you forgot to click the 'skip this month' button they would be happy to refund it to you. i have had great experiences with their customer service- they have not disappointed me yet. 

the big question- how much is it?!  the price is $29.99 per piece of jewelry. i am hesitant to say $29.99 a month because you can skip months. another benefit of being on their email list is you get coupons for 50% off or other deals and that makes it even better. 

another big question- quality?! these are not forever 21 pieces! i am pretty picky with my jewelry (even though i do love so many types and styles). have you ever noticed how the jewelry with metal from forever 21 smells after it has been in contact with your skin for a little bit? and the pieces have a tendency to break if you are not careful? with jewelmint i have not had any "stinky" jewelry or pieces that have broken quickly. HOWEVER, i have heard 2 people receiving jewelry that came broken. not fun. but their customer service was very quick and happy to fix the problem. and that is just 2 people out of...lots!

the shipping is fast and you can track your package straight from your "jewelry box" on the jewelmint website which shows all your past/current purchases. 

so far i have purchased 6 pieces- with one return/exchange. i returned it because i decided it would mesh as well with my other pieces of jewelry. it was a happy, smooth exchange. but if you get something and you totally don't like it- return it and get your money back- simple. 

i look forward to reviewing each of my pieces here on the blog if you want to hear about em of course. 
if you want to just take the style quiz and just wander around the site click here:

that is my personal invite link- if you buy a piece of jewelry that you love i get a piece of jewelry too- share the love ladies, share the love. 

and here are some discount codes for first-time buyers:
ZOE50- 50% off
SPRING60- 60% off
SPRING50- 50% off
YTV1- 50% off 

type them in the code box and check that they work! if not, chat with their customer service and im sure they will help you get that discount. any other questions? feel free to ask! 

overall, if you love jewelry and easy internet shopping this is the place for you. give it a shot! you can cancel your membership at any time by just chatting or calling with their customer service reps. but im pretty sure you won't be disappointed. 

note: jewelmint did not pay me or give me free anything to write this review- i purchased everything myself and  this is all my own opinion! 

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