Wednesday, April 13, 2011

lemon pudding and open shelving

for some reason lemon jello pudding = springtime for me
here are some random pictures of me making some at our old apartment

one of my favorite glass cups
the glamorous baby cup i call it

my glass collection has been growing bit by bit and i am trying to figure out a way to display them 
my friend A came over the other day with her darling children and took a look at the kitchen
folks its not pretty
but its not crazy terrible either

then a little miracle happened
A suggested to rip out one of the not-so-useful cabinets and put in 
open shelving!
its a bit of a dream for me

via google images

open shelving

now, i need to convince ry that this is a fabulous idea
and then make a trip to ikea for some sweet shelves 
i will post the 'before' pictures soon
(there are a lot of 'before' pictures)

sometime in the coming months i will be refinishing the cabinets
what a project!
but i look forward to the finished result 
it will be so worth it! 
or so i think...

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