Thursday, April 14, 2011

today is the day of

via google images

today is the day of:
wishing i could decorate everything all at once
washing dishes
making beds
doing more laundry
air-drying all laundry
waiting for springtime to make its appearance
forgiving myself
being more loving
acting grown-up
cleaning countertops
trying yoga...again
starting something fulfilling
preparing my talk
clearing the clutter
watering the squash and giant pumpkin(s)
killing gnats
sweeping and dusting
escaping in a book
planning for the future

looks like i got a long day ahead of me! if i get 5 things done on this list i will be one happy woman.

and a little extra happy birthday to my friend M* i might be a day late on this but i still wanted to say it!


  1. Be happy dear ;) Just don't try to juggle your life.

  2. I can't wait for spring. I bet you can get 5 things check off. :P


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