Wednesday, May 11, 2011

welcome to the jungle

so we don't really have a dining table
since its covered in plants 
take a look at the progress!

the squashes are coming up and up and sideways 

surprise tulips in the front yard
unfortunately they had to go
since the front yard needed some help 

the squash had some outside time 

here is the list of plants that we planted and hope will survive:
01. acorn squash
02. butternut squash
03. giant pumpkin (thank you leana for your advice- i needed it- giant pumpkins are a lot to care for) 
04. french pumpkin (so beautiful-also known as Cinderella's carriage)
05. cantaloupe
06. spaghetti squash
07. zucchini squash (heard these get a little out of hand...yikes)
08. cucumber
09. eggplant
10. jubilee tomato
11. rainbow heirloom tomato
12. yellow pear tomato (see this cutie here)
13. pepper, kaleidoscope mix
14. scallop patty squash
15. jack be little pumpkins (too cute to pass up)
16. kohlrabi
17. ruby queen beet (homage to mr. dwight schrute) 
18. tomatillo (can you taste the salsa already?)
19. french breakfast radish (beautiful old-world radishes)
20. green beans
21.purple top while globe turnips (fried turnip cake anyone? its a little piece of heaven)
22. nutri-red carrots (ry went crazy when he saw the seeds- he thinks red carrots are the coolest) 
23. leeks (via my friend A who tells me they are wonderful in quiches) 
24. white icicle radish (another fun veggie)
25. kale

26. thyme 
27. cilantro
28. basil
29. chives
30. dill (my favorite herb)
31. parsley (2 types, curly and flat)
32. green onions (use these all the time in my Asian cooking)
33. tarragon (completes a chicken salad)
34. rosemary 

for fun & loveliness:
35. giant gray striped sunflowers
36. strawberries
37. blue potatoes (more interesting than the plain russet)
38. lady alexandra duff peonies (what lovely equals) 
39. sorbet peonies
40. sarah bernhardt peonies (almost too pretty to cut-pics and more info on peonies here)
41. lily of the valley (for the shady areas in the lawn- one of my all time favorite flowers)
42. ranuculus (one of the best cut flowers ever) 

whew! that list is kind of overwhelming, wish us luck! our water bill is going to be high this summer. heard that squashes can't be over-watered haha. 

what are you growing this year? have any fun stories to tell about gardening? i would love to hear 'em since i am a novice. the only experience i have is in floral arrangement which does not exactly help when it comes to making the garden grow, im impatient! can't wait to cut those peonies. maybe ill have a peony party like good ol' martha. but we will see if they even come up :) 

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