Tuesday, June 14, 2011

chocolate mint: the dessert lovers herb

well actually, after having done some research many people love to use this herb for any recipe that calls for mint. not just dessert. i was at a local nursery looking for just plain old mint and came across this beauty. it really does smell like an andes chocolate candy. yum. 

i looked up some fun recipes that call for this fun herb. a popular one i found was chocolate mint ice cream.
ooh a weakness of mine.
too bad i don't have an ice cream maker!
its like #8 on the want list- id rather have a pasta maker sooner 
(#1 on want list)

aren't the colors just spot on?
brown stems= chocolate
darker green leaves= mint

this year i decided to not have a big mint selection and just picked two varieties
chocolate mint and regular mint

my mom has mint in her backyard. 
it drives my nana crazy. 
since nana is the gardener in the family she tells me all the time that the mint is taking over the garden. 
mint here, mint there, mint everywhere.

after more research, the experts on mint say:
- never put mint in the ground
- put mint in an oval or rectangular pot
- divide the plant after every season to keep it "fresh"
- if mint gets put in the ground then it will send roots off everywhere (making it your new weed)

at first i thought- why not have it run amok? i love mint. its my favorite herb.
after more reading...

- mint will start to loose its lovely aroma if it gets too big
- and it will not only lose the scent but can actually smell bad

yup. no more mint patch for me. 


  1. Wow, that would be scary if mint gets to go everywhere. I love mint dessert though :) I didn't know that they need to be divided after every season. So does that mean that plants have to get separated from the other one in the pot?

  2. Amazing! It really smells like mint chocolate!


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