Tuesday, June 21, 2011

manti pageant trip

we had been planning to go to the manti pageant since last year. before the house happened, we booked a night at a bed and breakfast in manti so we wouldn't have to deal with the long bumper to bumper drive home. so glad we did!

the temple grounds
so beautiful!

my new craving
 first big papi told me that the tacos were authentic mexican
and i rolled my eyes
he caught me and told me he was serious
these tacos were seriously delish
now, i want to eat them all the time

love the mexican blanket and ry's colorful shirt

happy me

a piano in the middle of the road

walking around town

dusty blue and peach clouds at sunset
ry sampling the local root beer


my favorite part of the pageant

huge temple grounds

centerpiece at the breakfast table 

love the peonies and beehive shaped candles

lovely fruit salad

the hostess put so much thought into the setup
she is adorable!

the yardley bed and breakfast in manti


  1. I love these pictures. Is it weird that I never heard of manti pageant?? Looks like a good time :D

  2. Sweet! I was just thinking about going to the Manti Pageant the other day, what a fun idea to go to a bed and breakfast! :)


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