Monday, June 20, 2011

to-do list before parents come

01. take care of the new fall gold raspberry just planted. flood it. 
02. sprinkle salt on the slugs. lesson learned. rain=slugs on seedlings.
03. continue to deep clean windows. dust. dust. dust. 
04. organize the random boxes and stow them in the proper place.
05. laundry. our dryer is now working again! win!
06. paint my nails. thinking this type of color for hands. this one for toes. 
07. plant a row of chives, more radishes, turnips, and basil. 
08. keep re-finishing the new kitchen table. whew.
09. water the lawn. again and again.
10. shop for groceries to feed more than 2 people. haha. 
11. keep eyes open for a nice mirror to go over the mantle.
12. dust fireplace tile. make that scrub fireplace tile. 
13. vacuum carpet. my least favorite chore. 
14. take pictures of first tomato! it has come.
15. keep pinning
16. run. or workout somehow. 
17. plant blue hydrangea in the soil. it has bloomed much more. so pretty.

***weekend trip photos coming***


  1. Oh I wish I was there to help! I love vacuuming :)


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