Wednesday, June 8, 2011

rules of summer- part 1

emily's office is one of my faves

cupcakes and cashmere is one of the very first blogs i check out in my morning bloggin' routine. i have been a reader for about 6 months or so. emily is creative, stylish, and has a simple and fun way of writing. most recently she shared her rules of summer. i thought it was so useful that i decided to make a list of my own. thank you emily for the idea and here's to hoping i get through the list.

to-do before labor day:

01. grow, harvest and eat lots of tomatoes
02. blog about the mistakes i learned gardening and how i will fix them
03. make many different types of fruit salads- pick a favorite
04. camp (for me this is scary)
05. refinish one piece of furniture (there is a long list-one at a time is key)
06. go yard sale shopping more (my friend M took me- we had a blast!- ill share more later)
07. read a few books (recommendations?)
08. run. faster than before.
09. finish Christmas shopping
10. go on a few picnics with ry
11. hike and hike
12. prep the backyard for a small dinner party
13. start assembling my favorite recipes into one binder (actually write down my own recipes)
14. organize each room slowly and peacefully (wish me luck)
15. spend time with family
16. attend an outdoor concert
17. see my brother leave for his mission (yea!)
18. finally bake some bread
19. re-enter the world of floral arrangement (domestic bliss)
20. tend to the hydrangeas and try not to make them die

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