Tuesday, June 7, 2011

dear sixteen year old me & sunscreen faves

this video made me sad. and made me think about sunscreen!
its time for prevention!

sunscreen is the one thing you should not be forgetting with all the fun outdoor activities you have planned for the summer, here are some of my favorites

*the only time i stray away from using sunscreen is when i plan on getting photographed. the sunscreen will give you a strange glow that will make you look ghostly in photos.

** put sunscreen on first. it should be in direct contact with your skin. not layered on top of some other product. unless its acne treatment- that would be the first to be in contact with your skin, then sunscreen. (this is all based on what i have researched on my own and my own routine)

for everyday (throughout the whole year, not just summer):

Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40 ($18)

i love this as an everyday face and neck sunscreen. this is not a moisturizer! the color is a flattering nude shade-not Casper white- and has a nice thin consitency. its just right for everyday.

Eucedrin Face Sensitive Skin Everyday Protection Lotion SPF 30 ($8)
a great moisturizer & sunscreen mix. and its cheap. yippee! the texture is nice and light- it sinks right into my combo skin quite nicely. highly recommend. i do not think it is moisturizing enough for the wintertime though. it fits the bill for spring/summer, but winter/fall needs a bit more moisture. 

for outdoor activities:

Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion with SPF 70 for Face ($10)

the texture of this sunscreen is great for the face. not greasy and not too thick. however, i do notice that when i layer my foundation and concealer over this sunscreen i have a "ghost glow." a little bit of blush and/or bronzer fixes the problem. i deal with the "ghost glow" for good sun protection. and no funny sunscreen smell, although i must admit the smell of sunscreen brings back good memories of my childhood.

Aveeno Hydrosport Sunblock Spray with SPF 85 (more info here)
wonderfully thin, not greasy, not too shiny. its awesome! it blended into my skin nicely and did not just "sit on top" of my skin. a great option for outdoors. (have not tested this swimming yet). 

Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Continuous Spray SPF 70+ ($9)
another great option that i used a lot while swimming. this has a more shiny finish to it but i felt like it stayed on my skin pretty long. the smell is stronger for me, but it's not bothersome.


Sunscreen Sticks (around $5)

these are so great! they get the ears and nose perfectly- and they don't rub off as fast as other types of sunscreens. i also like using on the tops of my hands and feet. its also great to throw in the beach bag or your purse. i know its not a moisturizer, but i would like to start using it as a cuticle balm to keep dryness out and protect from the sun of course. 

i only remember getting burned once in my life. my best friend and i went to the beach like most California girls do and go boogie boarding and swimming then lay out to get tan. well, all we did was get burned! haha. i never thought i had the type of skin to get burned. 

well, when i went home that evening my dear mother lectured me for a long time. 
no more sun. 
lots of sunscreen.
carry umbrellas when you walk home from school. 
yes, most of the days that i did walk home i carried umbrellas to block the sun. 

to this day i have my mom to thank for my suncare vigilance. she is a great example to me. she doesn't look her age at all either. she tells me it's because she stayed out of the sun and wore a lot of sunscreen. i believe her and hope to age as well as she is. no i am not going to tell you her age because she would get really upset at me!

hope this little list helps you on your way to blissful sunscreen happiness! good luck friends! 

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I love the sun but it can be so deadly!


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