Thursday, June 2, 2011

to grandmother's house we go

growing up, i didnt have the opportunity to develop a good relationship 
with my grandparents
luckily i scored some amazing ones with marriage!

the front of grandma and grandpa ball's house
mint green trim and white paint
so cute

tomato plants
still little
grandma gave me faith that my weak ones might still work out

a plant called "hens and chicks"
great for low-maintenance ground cover

squirrels are abundant in grandma's backyard

uncle irwin feeds them
he tells me it keeps them from eating the veggies and other plants
good idea!

new floor to come
uncle irwin's new project

there are even squirrels going to the basement
they are super friendly
grandpa was feeding them by hand!

onions, radishes, kohlrabi, and the list goes on

raspberry bushes
SO yummy
that is the only dessert grandma makes
raspberry with vanilla ice cream

lots of tomato plants

peppers and squash
i love how organized they are

leaking hoses

big old shed that got a makeover recently

more tomato plants!

grandma let me have a few raspberry seedlings to start in my garden
i hope they grow and add some luck

apple trees and a beautiful fence

uncle irwin made the fence all by himself
serious skills

this was taken on grandma's birthday

isn't she the cutest?

grandpa cooking me breakfast

i love them.


  1. Wow what an awesome house! And those grandparents looks so cute and sweet!

  2. :) I think Ryan's g-parents are adorable


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