Friday, June 3, 2011

faves: concealers

my friend M and i were having a chat that lead us to the very important topic of concealers. 
oooooh aaaaahhh
to me it's seriously a thrilling topic. 
i decided to share my favorites and ones that i have been eyeing recently. 
if you were to open up my makeup drawers you would find much more foundation, concealer, and powder. or what some ladies refer to as "the mask" stuff. 

as someone who is obsessed with makeup and makeup artistry i didn't think that having tons of "the mask" stuff was bad. 

i have my summer foundation (sheer liquid and powder forms), winter foundation (liquid), airbrush foundation, concealer for redness, concealer for zits, concealer for under-eye circles, heavy-duty concealer (derma blend for photo shoots) powder for face, powder for under eyes, translucent powder.

....and i STILL have not yet found the perfect concealer (or foundation) that would do the trick depending on the situation. but i have found some pretty good ones. hope this helps you on your concealer journey!

to cover zits and/or small spots of redness:

*keep in mind this will not help texture, just color. the zit needs to go away in order for the texture to be smooth again.

MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer

a very opaque concealer. perfect for redness and/or zits. take care not to dab on too much or else the cakey-monster will attack. if you do end up using this for the under-eye area, moisturize the area first and be sure to set the concealer with powder after. if creasing happens-use your ring finger to blend out the lil' lines.

Prescriptives Flawless Skin Total Protection Concealer SPF 25
the same description as above (different SPF) but lasts longer. that is why i have always loved this concealer- it simply lasts! i have combination/normal skin. perhaps for oily skins this might slip off sooner. also, the texture is really amazing- it is a creme to powder which feels so nice on the face.


i have not yet tried this concealer but i really want to. heard good things about it! and that price! you just can't beat that. it is supposedly a thicker, heavy concealer- perfect for the zits and/or redness


my sister got me hooked on this stuff years ago. its cheap, opaque, and really covers up those red spots and zits. like i said before, this won't make the zit "flat" it will just help with color. my sister uses this for her under-eyes too and it looks great on her! for me, its best for small dots of redness- everyone's skin is different- try it in both problem areas and see what works!

for larger areas of redness:


a smoother, more liquid concealer. more glide-able over larger areas of redness.


a water-based foundation that is more on the sheer side. great for only slight redness or just evening out of the skin color. you get lots of product for the price.

for under-eyes:


i want to try this really bad! i heard its pretty amazing. with caffeine in the formula, it helps perk up the under-eye area and bring in more light with the highlighting color. 


my FAVORITE under-eye concealer. natural looking, blends well, and works for the delicate under-eye area. no tugging! just creamy, dreamy blending. been using this for 7 years. i don't plan on stopping anytime soon. not perfectly perfect, but its definitely good enough for me.

*this is not good for redness or pimples since it has more of a pink undertone which is great for combating those dreary under-eye colors.


i have used this on bridal/engagement shoots. i really enjoy the texture and feel of the product. its similar to the concealer i praised above but maybe a tad more sheer. still, a great concealer for the under-eyes. 

*be sure to get a NW shade and not an NC shade. NW has a pink undertone that cancels out the blue-ish under-eye area, while NC has yellow undertones which should be used to counteract your redness. 

hope this helps! 
what concealers do you adore?


  1. These are great! I've been standing at the cosmetics aisle for a good 20 minutes trying to figure out which concealer to use. Especially for my under-eye. Now I think I might go back and make my final pick. Thanks for sharing, girl!


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