Friday, June 17, 2011

what's in my car: road trip

road food
what are the best snacks to bring?
here is what we brought on our recent Colorado drive

fage yogurt
the mango guanabana was definitely good


a tote filled with
- nuts
- craisins
- crackers
- apple juice boxes
- beef jerky
- pita chips
- pomegranate fruit strips

- bananas

bought this sweet ice cube cooler
not too big but not crazy tiny either
i find it hilarious that they use can quantity to measure how much it will fit
this one fits 14 cans :)

- presliced pepperjack cheese (to go with the crackers)
- green beans
- creamy dressing
- sobe water (my friend N got me hooked)
- a few more varieties of fage yogurt

books on tape (i mean CD)
makes the trip go by even faster

first aid to go
and paper towels

what are your favorite snacks to bring on the road with you?

***today we will be road-tripping again- details next week- have a great weekend!***


  1. Cool! they're all healthy too :)

  2. I love walk two moons! one of my absolute favorites :)

  3. That's a lot of goodies! A road trip won't be complete without snacks you can munch on during the whole drive. I see you got a lot of fruits there. Well, that'll keep you hydrated and full for the longer part of the trip. ;)

    -Nelson Heimer


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