Tuesday, July 12, 2011

family and the fourth of july part two

mom loves the lemon bread pudding from carabbas


yum yum sandwich

visit to the cheesecake factory

my cutie sister

this is why we come here
the black-out cake

me and nana

yea for nielsen's frozen custard
mom's obsession
she must have it every time she comes to visit

dad contemplating what to order

my favorite combo
vanilla, almonds, and malt

sister likes the chocolate

nana favors the brownies

mom loves chocolate, almonds, and brownies

simple sunday dinner
steak, asparagus, rice, corn

beautiful and tasty creme brulee for dessert

mom taking pics of the mountainside

aspens are so beautiful

mom to the left and me to the right

she is chocolate and i am vanilla
we have such different skin tones 

nana tending to the garden
she is so good at gardening

tomatoes please come quick

sister always complains that the pillows at my house are super uncomfortable
i think she just says that so that everyone gives her massages 
(just kidding sister- i will buy new pillows)

at kneaders 
aren't my mom's glasses sweet?

country decor

home decor shopping time

 mom thought this pine statue would look great in front of her home

nana and mom talking about it

hope you had a fabulous 4th of july 
i know this post is late

but i was just having way to much fun with the fam to fit in blog time
happy tuesday to you!


  1. is there a nielson's close by?? love this post by the way, especially the chocolate and vanilla part... oh and the creme brulee part... aaaand the delish lemon bread pudding part. Can you tell I'm craving dessert right now? ;)

  2. Lemon bread pudding!? Okay, I've never heard of that. Must check it out right now! Love to see your family hanging out together :) I can't get over how beautiful your mom is. I never noticed you and your mom had different skin tone. You are doing great job on the garden too.

  3. Oh, I know those aspen...That's Guardsman pass near our place in Midway. Did you make it over to Park City?? Ronda

  4. yes rhonda we did! dad was like: we need to visit midway- that is where rhonda and monte live! :)


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