Tuesday, July 12, 2011

family and the fourth of july

mom with my new flag and banner

cherry picking time

the cherries looked beautiful!

bowl getting more filled up by the minute

any means to get to those cherries

this was hilarious 

two bowls so far

ry climbing the fence 

nana catching all the cherries

ry in the tree and dad using a stool

mom mowing my lawn with our eco-friendly mower

a good workout

isn't the red just gorgeous?

three bowls brimming with red jewels!

unfortunately, there was quite a few larvae in them
not fun

so we decided to tediously scoop out every larva and make jam
a great idea since the freezer jam turned out excellent
and squishing every single larva was highly satisfying for me

any gardening tips on how to keep the larva away would be very much appreciated
i would prefer to eat the cherries fresh next year
any tips?

1 comment:

  1. I have so much fun reading your blog! There are so much activities you can do just around your house with the fam :) I love your pictures.


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