Wednesday, July 6, 2011


01. little brother has been on his mission for 5 days!
02. a bridal shower is in the works, super excited to share the deets.
03. camping this weekend. yikes. be back next tuesday.
04. camping recipes would be greatly appreciated.
05. made my first batch of cherry freezer jam last night.
06. cherries were great, but had to clean out worms. yuck.
07. thinking about fall planting. what should i plant in september/october?
08. hope to make old fashioned fudge soon
09. living room is looking much better. pics to come.
10. having my family over is/was so much fun.
11. next big project is refinishing dining room chairs.
13. getting ready for more deep cleaning around the house.
14. training for half-marathon starts in a few weeks. wish me luck.
15. cant wait for my fambam to visit again next month.
16. looking forward to decorating the bedroom.
17. making a list and checking it three times. yea for Christmas in july!
18. organizing the linen cabinet. dreamy sheets folded away.
19. tending to the plants. lots and lots of plants.
20. designing, printing, folding, mailing invites. 
21. admiring dining table. martha paint color bakery box white.
22. finally nailed down the color palette. more on this later.
23. baking cookies for the road.
24. first letter to little brother will be mailed tomorrow.
25. helping friends move. dont you hate it when your friends have to move?

1 comment:

  1. Oh my! I'll get overwhelmed making lists, but that's why you're so organized. Yikes! with the camping, but I'm sure it'll be fun. I need to be brave and venture out the wilderness. I love that you plan for Christmas all year :)


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