Monday, July 11, 2011

next year i hope for glamping

yesterday ry and i drove back from a camping trip/family reunion that took place in wyoming 
i left my camera at home so i could just focus on absolutely nothing and chill
most of you know that i am not a camper at all
even girls camp was hard for me growing up
and girls camp was not even difficult- it was quite posh

it was a fun camping trip
a wonderful time to visit with family
i just really enjoy showering everyday and not worrying about bugs everywhere

maybe sometime down the road i can recommend glamping 
glamorous camping
for the annual family reunion
probably wont work out since ry's family prefers traditional camping but hey its worth a shot

i asked my mom if i loved camping when i was little
surprisingly she said yes i totally loved it
if you know me, you pretty much know my mother
we are quite alike
(didn't learn that until ry pointed it out to me during year 2 of marriage)
my mom does not enjoy camping unless there is an RV
and i seem to be the same way
 but i think glamping could be a nice in-between 
don't you?

have a happy monday friends!

this week is filled with actvities:
01. tidy house up 
02. finalize bridal shower shopping list
03. design backyard setup for bridal shower
04. ask ry to put up curtain rod
05. iron curtains before ry puts up curtain rod
06. wash lots and lots of dishes
07. plant more icicle radishes (so fast to grow!)
08. figure out how to antique a mirror
09. send a letter to Elder Sy
10. send off more bridal shower invitations


  1. Glamping looks fun! and I'm glad you had a good time. Good luck with this week's activities :)


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