Monday, September 26, 2011

bath and body works candles for fall and winter

in my opinon, Slatkin & CO. candles sold at bath and body works are the best! the 3-wick ones especially- they are so strong and the scents they come out with are fantastic. 
perhaps my most favorite candle of them all!
it just smells of fall and if it was seasonally appropriate i would burn this all year round. in fact, maybe i will!

months i like to burn it: september, october, november, early december
bbw description: Autumnal notes of golden nectar, juicy mandarin and red delicious apple are paired with toasted cinnamon stick, mulled cider spices and freshly harvested red berries.

the salesman recommended it to me. he loved it because it is unique, more on the masculine side and just smells like going on a hike. i agree! it is a great fall fragrance that is a nice departure from the more generic (but still lovely) pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla and apple-style mixes.

months i am planning on burning it: october, november, early december
bbw description: A medley of fresh apricot, juicy pear and fig blended with fresh cut Birchwood and creamy sandalwood.

okay- doesn't it just sound wonderful? marshmallow fireside. yum. it smells pretty divine and now im wishing that i stocked up with more. typically i am not a fan of sweet fragrances, but this scent is not too sweet. the fireside part counters the sweetness just right.

months im planning on burning it: october, november, december
bbw description: Toasted marshmallows and sweet vanilla cream wrapped in the aroma of rich smoldering woods.

this is our first Christmas in a house! which means our first Christmas tree! we have a fake one that we are super excited to put up but nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree. so as a pretty great substitute this fresh balsam candle will be burned throughout the holiday season. it smells fantastic! so-piney!

months im planning on burning it: december
bbw description: Crisp, clean balsam fir blends delightfully with fresh eucalyptus and sweet pine and layered with notes of bright apple, cedarwood and musk.

the winter candle selections have not come yet, but i can't wait! like i mentioned earlier, i typically don't like sweet sweet scents, but the mint chocolate and hot chocolate candles were tempting me greatly. ry was proud i did not give in- he is not a fan of sugar!

shopping tip: wait for the 2 for $20 candle sale. they happen every so often- sign up for their emails so you get the notification in your inbox! 


  1. When it comes to candle I just go for the sugary smell, but I must stay away from that once and try one of those candles you mentioned. The fresh balsam candle for Christmas tree is a good idea. Why didn't I think of that! I better save up some money to stock up on candles :D

  2. Chloe :) Of course you would love to have candles


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