Thursday, September 22, 2011

taking a nap

hey everyone,

i have been feeling under the weather (unfortunately that collided with my birthday) and hope to be resting for the end of this week and this weekend. birthday postponed!

any fun plans? i hope you do! im living vicariously through you. be brave and do something different. i will be drinking herbal tea and vitamin c supplements while watching some tv shows and movies. ooh! i stumbled upon this list of family halloween movies; can't wait to watch em! i've never been a fan of really scary movies- just never a good thing in my opinion. the family options are what my siblings and i grew up with and loved. 

im looking forward to apple cider, pumpkin cinnamon pancakes, wrapping Christmas presents (never too early), holiday baking, halloween, pumpkins everywhere (in my garden too), the fall air and heartier meals (mmmm so yummy).

fall is simply the best! 



  1. I went to B&BW today and smelled all new fall/winter candle scents! It was amazing. I wanted to buy em all! I'm a sucker for chocolate, cupcake, mint... all sweet flavor :D I love fall! and winter too, since I'm a winter baby. My first Halloween movie choice is Hocus Pocus. I grew up watching it so many times!!

  2. i went for a quick trip too! im posting about it on monday! haha! the hot chocolate smell was amazing and i normally don't like sweet smells!


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