Thursday, November 17, 2011

baby bump photos

when we first found out we were pregnant i immediately called my mom and then promptly the next morning phoned up my super talented friend melese of lemonpeel studios 

time for baby bump photos
the photos have been absolutely gorgeous and of course working with melese is so much fun
she makes you pretty- no seriously!
don't believe me? 
take a look at these photos- enjoy! 

at 7 weeks
baby is the size of a blueberry

at 8 weeks
baby is the size of an acorn

at 9 weeks
baby is the size of a grape tomato
gorgeous sunflower field

at 10 weeks
baby is the size of a brussel sprout 

at 12 weeks
baby is the size of a lime

at 14 weeks 
baby is the size of a lemon

at 16 weeks
baby is the size of a mini pumpkin
 festive for autumn

aren't they so cute? 
didn't she make me look good?
see i told ya so :)

you can go here to see more refreshingly cute work by lemonpeel studios 


  1. OK- those are so great! My fave: the mini pumpkin...perfect timing with the season!

  2. Chlo! You're just so gorgeous! I can look at you all day :DD

  3. What a cute idea! These pictures are adorable and you look especially gorgeous in the 16 week ones!

  4. I love how beautifully she captured these new transitions happening with your body! You really do make a gorgeous preggo, Chloe!


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