Thursday, November 17, 2011

craving: nutella

ooh boy have things changed with what ive been wanting to eat lately. in-n-out cheeseburgers remain a constant favorite, but now i want nutella. and lots of it.

promise, i am trying my best to be healthy but i never knew the power of these cravings. menchies frozen yogurt has been a huge craving, but it has been easily (and more healthfully) satisfied with orange juice. weird right? 

but how do you healthfully satisfy a nutella craving? question of the month my friends. maybe even question of the year.  

first recipe i would love to try:
nutella brownies from Mother Thyme 

Mother Thyme takes such pretty pictures!

second recipe:
nutella banana smoothie also from Mother Thyme

another awesome photo

third recipe:
nutella crepes from The Yellow Table

oh wowie- doesn't that look so yum?

oh dear what is a pregnant lady to do? maybe ill just pick 2 out of 3 to make myself feel better! ry does not like sweets so these desserts will be all for me. dangerous. 


  1. I never bought nutella in my life! I guess I'm missing out. but I sure appreciate all these recipe. I'm doing more in the kitchen lately. You'd be so proud!

  2. Omg, keep these nutella recipes coming!! They all sound so delicious, especially the banana nutella smoothie. YUM


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