Tuesday, November 15, 2011

girly ornament wreath

a fun idea first spotted on better homes and gardens website as seen here on an older post
so glad i was able to make and finish it without getting sleepy or gagging
okay- i did have to take a few breaks to drink water and breathe but the point is- it got finished!

fun girly colors
i am not doing a "themed" Christmas this year so my decor is more mismatched right now
this year is an experimental year- trying to figure out what decor i love best and what works for the house
and im enjoying every fragile piece of decor i have- before kiddos :)

( a quick thank you and shout out to my friend S who gave me a wire hanger!)

please excuse my imperfect wreath bow
who knew velveteen ribbon was so hard to work with!?
wire ribbon is your friend

just so pretty

 pictures of the living room and tree to come!

here is a tutorial by domestic fashionista on how to make these wreaths
simple, affordable and chic

supplies needed:
- pliers
- a wire hanger
- lots of ornaments (im guessing around 50)
- bow (optional)
- hot glue gun (if you want to secure the top of the ornament to the ornament- i broke an ornament because it popped off accidentally when i tried rearranging it) 

random tips:
- once the wreath is arranged, quit playing with it! (less prone to breaking)
- make your bow before stringing your ornaments
- use inexpensive ornaments (dollar store anyone?)
- have a plan before making the wreath of where you plan on hanging it; set it up before making
- be careful! 


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