Monday, November 14, 2011

hunger games beauty photo & trailer!

via vanity fair

doesn't this photo of the hunger games cast make you want to jump with glee?

i seriously can't wait for the movie. thrilled that it comes out in march and im due in april (i know that sounds so silly but after talking to new moms they say you will never go to the movies again- yikes) so im going to as many movies as i want till it just gets too uncomfortable. check out Jennifer Lawrences' interview with vanity fair here

people are comparing hunger games to twilight. puh-leese. they are totally different! but maybe it will become as popular/crazy as twilight. i must say i do enjoy seeing the twilight movies (so funny to watch) but i have never read the books and i am not planning on it. 

are you guys just as excited for the hunger games movie? 
the trailer is awesome.

1 comment:

  1. yea! I love the HG as well and am so pumped about the movie- long overdue!!!


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