Thursday, January 12, 2012

mean girls

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let me tell you a story from middle school. already interested eh? middle school stories usually end up so humorous- sadly this one is not.  

in middle school i met a girl named, let's call her wisty.  i befriended wisty from a class we shared. wisty was funny, sarcastic and loved to laugh loud. for a while i felt so happy to be friends with her. there was something that i didn't really like about our relationship though... she was kind of mean. not the kind of mean where she would yell at me or something like that, but the subtle mean. you know what im talking about- the small, sly comments that she would sneak into conversations. nope. not good. 

wondering about the cute rainbow striped sweater above? my mom and i went to target for fall school shopping before seventh grade started. joy! there was a cute pastel rainbow striped sweater. mom and i agreed- it was adorable. so we bought it and i wore it that week. 

wisty had to comment. my memory is not perfect but im pretty sure it went something like this:

"you know that rainbow means gay? that sweater makes others think you are gay."

i rushed to the bathroom and tried not to cry.  quickly i took off my, what i thought was beautiful, sweater and stuffed it in my backpack. 

i told my mom about the incident and she said not to listen to what wisty said. still, the pretty sweater stayed hanging in my closet the rest of the school year never worn again. 

she wouldn't be mean to just me but to others too- frequently behind their backs. the worst part? i started to become like wisty. i started to gossip, be secretive and mean behind others backs. seriously, not pretty. i even became mean to her- even more blunt and rude. 

looking back i am not happy with the way i acted and wish i could go back and tell myself to not be that way. luckily, in high school i made the choice to change. not perfect, but i definitely improved. 

wisty had lots of struggles. struggles that had more things that i didn't fully understand. wisty dealt with body image issues, divorced parents and other things that i just don't know about. 

i should have been a better example to her. had i acted instead of being acted upon, maybe our friendship would have been better. instead of letting all the negativeness engulf our group- i could have let positiveness
be stronger. 

lesson to be learned? don't be a mean girl. it's not the right thing to do and it's just not nice. 

hope you have a thoughtful thursday. 

still sick! my cold has become less intense (yea!) but now a strong cough has come :( ...but i think i am healing slowly but surely. 

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