Tuesday, January 10, 2012

things im looking forward to

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mark your calendars for January 23
it's the year of the dragon! 
little miss is going to be a dragon baby (just like mommy)
 i wonder what the Chinese zodiac has to say about 2 dragons living in one household...hmmm

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valentines day
pink and red everywhere!
need to get working on some cards...

the arrival of little miss!
still so much to do after the holidays and being sick with a cold 
her nursery is still a mess and the crib is only partially put up
if there is anything i've learned its that you can only do so much when your body says:
"seriously im tired. please stop!"

waiting for the nesting stage to start happening, but im pretty sure its not happening anytime soon with this cold/cough/crazy thing going on. 

hope you have a happy tuesday!

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