Wednesday, January 18, 2012

sinus cones review

it's amazing how desperate you can get when you are running on only a few hours of sleep. luckily i didn't buy more things when i was in the roughest part of my cold/cough of two weeks ago. i kept googling "relief for dry throat" because my throat was pretty much dry as a desert because i could not breathe through my extremely stuffy nose; i came across these sinus cones and decided to give them a try. 

what appealed to me was that they are completely drug-free and supposedly worked right away- good for a pregnant lady. it took about 2 days to get to me (not bad) with regular shipping. by the time they reached me however, my cold was still uncomfortable, but not as bad as in the beginning. so i can't tell you how well these could have worked if your nose was completely stuffy- as in no air coming through your nasal passages at all. 

when these did arrive i was able to have a little bit of air come through one nostril- still not comfy but better than a complete blockage. 

so the question is- did these work? answer- kinda. 

the sinus cones helped open up my nasal passageways but since my nose was still stuffy it still didn't really make a huge difference. after about 2 more days when my stuffy nose started clearing up more the sinus cones started to make a bigger difference. 

bottom line:
sinus cones worked but for me they were not "magical." 
it is nice to have these when your congestion is already easing up- they will help to allow more air so you can breathe easier through your nose. im happy i purchased them, after reading about pregnant ladies getting stuffier noses as the pregnancy progresses i bet they will be used again soon. 

 you can find more info here
*by the way one set of nasal cones will last for 3 months if worn 24/7

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